The Guardian Angels

Greetings, mortal!

The name is Evangeline. Let me introduce you to two of my guardians. Among those who are sworn to be my protectors, these two are the ones bestowed upon with the task of fulfilling my every needs. They go by the name of Papa and Mama.

Papa takes the form of an adult man. During the night he takes form of motionless meat. He has a wide-chested build. This obedient warden has the unprecedented strength to suspend my chariot mid air for a prolonged time, with me inside the chariot, whenever our journey is hindered by the obstruction of staircase. He is undeterred by the distraction panicking Mama makes and always makes me land on my feet on my every leap of faith. Every failure leaps. Every morning this tireless laborer disappear out of the dwelling before I rise and shine. Only to leave me to defend this house with Mama.

And Mama. She is the lady with the obsidian eyes. This Goddess always brings prosperity and warmth. She is the deity with untapped depth of skills. Maintaining the cauldron, spotless dwelling, fresh garments, and you name it, basically everything around the household aided with my constant supersonic scream to cheer her up. She also defeats me numerous of times, seizing the advantage of greater size while forcing me to go through the ordeal of changing diapers, sometime with her swiftness, some other time with her sheer endurance.

Her wardrobe is unusual with a lot of different cloaks with weird places for openings, a passage for me to sneak into. Furrowing between the clothes incision, I find my source of  life. The fountain with the eternal flow of the magic potion. The opalescent, watery substance, that is murky white in colour. It smells like me, but tastes like sugar. Upon shoving this elixir to me, my vision often blurs into abyss. At times when my willpower to struggle outlive her supply of this fluid, she will read the incantation to send me to the nether world. Bottomless abyss. Total darkness. Twinkle twinkle little hoahm …


I do have other custodians whom I met every so often. They had the opportunity to meet me in person, but most of my interactions with them are in the form of astral projection from The Mesmerizer. They called The Mesmerizer a handphone. Hand phone. What a weird name. This does not look like a hand nor a phone.

They always screamed “Evangeline! Don’t play with the handphone!”. Do you think I want to be enthralled in the hypnotizing rays it emits? I tried very hard to look away. I just can’t. And when I manage to glance away and let go of the grip, Papa is always angry “Why do you throw the handphone? I will not let you play with the handphone anymore.”

Good! Keep it! Do you think I want this?

Often I prove my prowess as a scientist, inventing some pattern in the mystery of life. Like, for example, yesterday I noticed that the water in my bath tub, will change its shape when I put it inside another vessel. The water will take the form of the container. Like the bath tub, the pail, the bottle, my hand, my mouth. And before I could tell Mama about this, he already screamed “Evangeline! That’s not for drinking!”

How would you know that this is not for drinking, Mama? How would you. It does taste a bit horrible. And whenever I speak now a little bubble come out from my nose. But it does not mean it is not for drinking.

Everytime Papa and Mama tell me what not to do, I always try to tell them.

“Let it be. The fabric of fate weaves an endless interconnected pattern, in which we all are just threads. Let it be.”

But the words coming out from my mouth is only “pap-pap-pap-pa … ik-ik .. belek.blek. hihihihi.” They just won’t understand. I’m a prodigy whose mind trapped inside the body of languageless toddler.

I laid the matters before these two. Showed them that water can change shape. That The Mesmerizer can travel as a parabolic function if used as a projectile. That with enough willpower papers can be split into two.

But they won’t listen.


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