Peletus Balon

“Balonku ada lima”
“Rupa rupa warnanya”
“Hijau kuning kelabu”

Duet Papa and Evangeline (1¾ yrs old)

Lagu e durung enthek balon e kukut sek.


Defence Against the Dark Arts

I hugged her, she kicked me away. I carried her, she wanted me to let go. I offered my arm, she took it, smelled it, and threw it away as if it was an insult.

Then the mother came. Offered the arm. And she fell asleep. The mother smugly smirked as if telling me “this is how you tame a fantastic beast.”


As I level up, the fantastic beast level up too. The only problem is, her leveling rate is exponential. Now she already learned new skill, Howling Rage. Activated when the full moon at its peak, capable of shattering the souls of our sleeping neighbours.


Multilingual Baby

“One … Two … Chwee … For … 五 … Nam …”

Evangeline 22¼ months old.

Descendant of the Indonesian Chinese couple who lives in Singapore.

Fun facts: Do you know that my sister lives in Taiwan and is married to a Thai.

About Exercise

People around me know that I don’t do sports. Friends, colleagues, family and relatives. They all know that I don’t have any affiliation to any physically exhausting activity. Not only those who know me well, but those who barely knows me will also have the vibe. I’m not in any shape considered to be physically fit.

I skip company activity related to sports (futsal, hiking, marathon run, etc) because I do not have any interest. After some time the offers died down too. Win-win. I’m still good with colleagues and friends. Because I still join other activities. Like lunch and dinners. I mean, of course others not necessarily related to food, but yeah there’re not many options.

So when people ask me “Do you exercise, at all?”, it got me thinking. “When was the last time I did exercise”. And the question branched out to “Why did I do it?” and “What for?”

So I list them down, the things I do in making choices towards a healthy life.

I eat healthy food even though:

  1. I don’t like the taste, or
  2. the appearance is appaling, or
  3. both 1 & 2

Because my mother told me she’s concerned and I live faraway from home so my mother can no longer force and shove those presposterous things to my mouth. So I have to do it by myself.

I hit the gym because my fiancee wanted me to look better for the prewedding photoshoot and I seconded her opinion. And I regretted my agreement after 5 minutes on the treadmill. Every single session. Yes. I still look fat during my prewedding photoshoot. Yes I didn’t look that fat in the prewedding photos. Yes. I know some Photoshop skills. After I get married, I still jog once in a while. Because of the Zombie Run apps. And they need Runner #5 to play a significant role.

And now. I carry my 12 kg daughter on daily basis. Because she can’t sleep on her own, she either need to be nursed to sleep by The Mother, or carried to sleep by me. I assume this is a form of exercise. That’s for night time, for day time especially weekends, I still carry her around too. Because she giggles when I carry her. I have sore muscles regularly but it’s OK.

So did I exercise, at all? Yes, I do. Because I love my mother, my wife, and my daughter.

I hope to have a long healthy life so they don’t suffer.

PS: Angel is now getting better and trying to sleep on her own. Shutting her eyes and staying still but still face difficulty to fall asleep. Sometime The Mother will pat her to soothe her and sleep. I still resort to carrying her until she’s fallen into deep sleep before put her on to the bed. I did try to pat her to sleep. But I stopped since The Mother told me that even my lowest setting of patting movement looks like I’m slapping my daughter to oblivion.