Angel and Animal Sound

Sunday morning breakfast. Fried beehoon, fried chicken drumlet, and fried tofu. The Mother’s favourite. Recently it’s been heavily taxed by the Little Royal Highness.

The Mother usually put to a separate smaller bowl (we use SMASKA bowl from IKEA, 3 for S$4.90) the same food she’s eating. The idea is to let Angel imitate the Mother eating the same thing.

“Mama! SHARK!”
“Ha? Shark?”
“That’s chicken.

The Mother took a piece of shredded chicken, well it does look like a shark fin or tanghoon if you shred it so thin. The Mother shoved showed it to Angel.

“Pok pok.”

For the past few weeks Angel had been learning animals’ sound. Dog woof cat meow cow moo frog ribbit duck quack quack quack quack (because Elmo has four ducks) and Chicken is always pok pok. Because pok pok chicken, and chickenpox. Just because.

“Pok pok!”
“Chicken. Chi. Ken. Chicken.”
“Pok pok!”
“Nyam nyam. Yummy.” *point chicken and direct it to her mouth.*

You’ve learned well, my girl. You’ve learned well.


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