A Grateful Daughter

Angel’s mother bought a new pink toothbrush for Angel. Because the old one had lost 80% of the brush. It was practically a hairy toothpick.

“Thank you Mama buy Angel brush your teeth.”
“You are welcome.”
“I like pink.”

Mother knows best.

Evangeline, 2 yrs 2½ month. Constructing long sentence with vocab seadanya.


Hooi Ching’s Wedding

Evangeline is going to her Mama’s friend’s wedding party. She behaves well. Does not make fuss nor tantrums despite it’s on her nap schedule. She sits on the baby high chair, lets Papa click the strap. Just when Mama is ready to mingle with the other guests, Evangeline enquired in her raspy voice, “No food?”

Evangeline, 2 yrs 2½ mths old, thinks pre lunch cocktail is a waste of time

Beard Observation

My daughter is showing detail observational skills.

She’s touching my chin and slowly rubbing my stubble beard.
“Papa have.”
And touching her chin.
“Angel don’t have.”
Scratching her head.
“I think Yeye (grandpa) have.”
Thinking hard.
“Mama don’t have.”

Evangeline, 2 yrs 2½ mths thinker.
In few more months, the “why” will come. Brace yourself, nonsense is coming.


9,999,999 mAH Power Bank

4 AM in the morning, overheard in my sleep.

“I want flamingo.”
“Mosyooloh njel … tidur tidur.”

Evangeline, lebih tahan lama daripada kelinci durasel.


The Art of Manipulation

“Papa, susu!”
“No, Angel.”
“Papa, susu please!”
“If you drink milk now, you will be too full for dinner.”
“I want susu.”
“No, Angel. Susu is for later before sleep.”
“Papa not nice. Mamaaa …. Susu please!”

Evangeline, 2 yrs 2¼ mths.
Manipulative drunken penguin.


Selective Memory at Its Finest

“Angel, don’t​ do that. That’s not nice.”
“I nice.”
“No. If you do that you’re not nice.”
“I give biscuit to Cece.”
“Ok that’s nice. But it was yesterday.”
“One two three four five biscuits.”
“I give Cece.”
“That’s already over. Don’t keep mentioning if you do good deeds. That’s calculative.”
“Cece Nyanya. I give.”
“Ya, I know.”
“Five biscuits.”
“Yesterday. That was yesterday.”
“I nice.”

So it’s been 24 hours and my daughter remembered what she did yesterday. Cece Nyanya is Kirana, the daughter of Tyas Kokasih and Dina Kh. Evangeline shared her snacks yesterday during the Zoo trip. And because of that, she established she’s nice until further notice.

Because of the nice thing she did yesterday, she think she got a pass to be hooligan today. She’s been mercilessly slapping everything pretending to be drunken penguin.


Rambo Party

Friday morning preparing daughter going to child care.

“Pa, hari ini gak sragaman lo. Baju bebas.” (Pa, not wearing school uniform today.)
“Ha? Why?
“Ada party nde skolahan.” (There’s a party event in school.)
“Angel party. Rambo party.”
“Ha? What rambo party?”
“Rainbow. Rainbow, Angel.”

Evangeline, 2 yrs 2¼ mths.
Understand conversation in general, poor pronunciation. Same same daddy.