Auto Shutdown Feature

“Angel, it’s time to sleep.”
“No. I want to … hoahm …. play.”
“Tidur tidur. Ngantuk kamu. Liaten angop terus.”
“I’m not … hoahm … sleeping. No sleeping. Hoahm.”

She let out big yawn and mumbles.

“No. Sleeping. I want. Play. Read books. Doremon. Zzz …”

And … Knocked out.

My daughter still doesn’t know how to soothe herself to sleep. She’s just shutdown when the battery is flat.

Evangeline, 2 yrs 3½ mths
Overheated overclocked rice-powered processor.


Heavy, but.

She was so small.

Now she’s so heavy that only Papa can gendong.

Lovely, but heavy.


Things Papa Does for Her

“Papa don’t sit on the floor.”

“Papa floor is dirty.”

“Papa stand up.”

“See. Floor ada ants.”

“Papa see. So dirty.”

Evangeline, 2 yrs 3½ mths.

I sit on the floor so we can maintain eye level interaction and I can’t squat too long. But I guess she just doesn’t understand these are things Papa does for her.

P.S. It’s not the muscle I have a problem with. It’s the urge to poo.


9,999,999 mAH Power Bank (part 2)

I have an alarm clock. Very loud volume. But can’t set the timing. No snooze, no dismiss button. Today it set off at 5 am and didn’t stop ringing in my ears until 7 am.


“Papa stand up.”

“Papa why you lie down?”

“Wake up please.”

“Let’s go papa!”

“Mama. What papa doing? Papa is sleeping. Yay!”

Evangeline, 2 yrs 3¼ mths.
Tofu powered rechargeable battery, more cost effective than Lithium.


My Little Popato

“Ini selada.”
“Ini perkedel.”
“Ini kentang.”
“No. This is popato.”
“Kentang is potato.”
“Po. Ta. To.”
“Po. Ta. To.”

Evangeline, 2 yrs 3¼ mths.
Likes perkedel. Likes watercress. Walks like Rihanna. Sleeps like potato.

Fantastic Beast and How to Tame Her

Past midnight. Almost 1 am.

Angel cried. Howled. Whatsoever it is. Loud volume meaningless wailing. Papa came to the rescue.

“Angel what happened?”
“Mimpi ya? Nightmare?”
*sobbing intensifies*
“Ngompol ya? Pee pee?”
*intermittent cry*
“Papa gendong?”
*letting out savage roar, ready to change to true form, despite tonight is not a full moon.*

And then her mother, in half awake state, offered her arm. Angel took and hugged her mother’s arm. In total deafening silence. And fell asleep.

I’m unsure whether to feel relieved or insulted.

Evangeline, 2 yrs 3¼ mths.
Life is not always full of rainbow.
But we got her fairy mother with unexplainable sorcery.
When my daughter (not so) gently weeps.


Natural Instinct Kicks In First

“Kamu ngasih ini ke mama terus bilang ‘mama wo ai ni’ oke?”
“Bilang apa ke mama? Coba latian sek.”
“Mama wo ai ni.”
“Ok good.”

“Ma ma! Sinio ma! Ini lo enjel mari takajari ngomong. Lucu liaken.”

Ke mama mbawa bungkusan dari delivery online shop. Kasi ke mama.

“Lho wis? Gitu tok? Bilang apa? Mama ..”
“Mama …”
“Mama … apa terusan e? Mama wo …?”
“Mama I’m hungry.”