Fantastic Beast and How to Tame Her

Past midnight. Almost 1 am.

Angel cried. Howled. Whatsoever it is. Loud volume meaningless wailing. Papa came to the rescue.

“Angel what happened?”
“Mimpi ya? Nightmare?”
*sobbing intensifies*
“Ngompol ya? Pee pee?”
*intermittent cry*
“Papa gendong?”
*letting out savage roar, ready to change to true form, despite tonight is not a full moon.*

And then her mother, in half awake state, offered her arm. Angel took and hugged her mother’s arm. In total deafening silence. And fell asleep.

I’m unsure whether to feel relieved or insulted.

Evangeline, 2 yrs 3¼ mths.
Life is not always full of rainbow.
But we got her fairy mother with unexplainable sorcery.
When my daughter (not so) gently weeps.


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