Kring Kring Kring ada sepeda
Sepedaku seorang kapiten

Evangeline, 2yrs 4½mths
Medley mbocengli at its finest.


Secret Language

“Aikapi. Mama sing aikapi.”
“Naik kereta api tut tut tut.”

Mother knows best.

Evangeline, 2yrs 4½ mths.
Secret language only mama understands.


Went home from work welcomed by little one.

“Papa! Today I eat pigeon.”
“What? Why? How?” 
“Feed, Angel. Feed. You don’t eat pigeon. Feed.” 
“Papa! Today I eat feet.” 
*facepalm laughing*

Evangeline, 2yrs 4½mths.
Mangani doro atau doyan ceker?

Raising a Daughter

*Post-shower Saga.

“Don’t go! Wear your clothes first!”
“I don’t want. Don’t want. Dowaaaaannnn… “
“Why? This is nice. This clothes got doraemon. You don’t want to wear doraemon clothes?” 
“Papa. I want to wear princess clothes.”
“Ok I will take the princess one.”
“And pink hair clip.”
“Thank you papa. “

Evangeline, 2 yrs 4¼ mths.
I should remind myself every now and then that I’m raising a daughter.

It’s not easy to take her seriously everytime she wants to play pretty and princessy.

You should look at her. She looks too much like me.