Fork is for Mere Mortals

As I saw my daughter struggling with her cutleries mastery skills, I offered my help.

“Angel, give papa your fork.”
*pushing food with fork from left hand to spoon on right hand*
“Come papa help you.”
*right and left hands are not coordinated well*
“You hold the spoon. Give me the fork.”
*struggling intensifies*
“Angel, give me the fork.”
“Angel, gi-“
“SSSHHHHH!!!! PAPA! Take take take! Take Angel fork. Don’t. Disturb. Angel.”

She shoved her fork to my hand. Lift up the bowl to her mouth with her left hand. Push the food to her mouth using the spoon in her right hand.

Evangeline, 2 yrs 3⅞ mths.
Because fork is for namby pamby.


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