Who Needs Sleep Anyway?

7 pm during dinner. My wife asked me a simple request.

“I want to take a break today. Can you handle the baby?”

8 pm – daughter fully bathed, father fully wet.
9 pm – both daughter and daddy in pajamas.
10 pm – father fully exhausted, daughter still in warming up stage.
11 pm – father already sang whole album of nursery songs, daughter already drank two bottles of milk, no sign of sleepiness.

12 midnight. Wife knocked on the door.

“What did you feed this monster? She’s like a squirrel high on caffeine!”
“It’s OK I will take over.”
“No, you take your break. I’ve already said I’ll take care of it today. I’m a man of my word.”
“It’s OK. Now is already tomorrow.”
“You don’t know how much I love you right now.”

My wife knows how to let me 下臺 gracefully.


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