Sabun Please

“I want sabun.” 
“No. You just play with your bath toys. I sabun you.”
“Papa I want sabun please.”
“No need.”
“Papa a little bit please.”

To promote politeness I gave her a drop of shower gel. Because she asked politely. So to promote manner and politeness, I should give her things when she asked nicely, right? And then what I feared came next.

“Papa my eyes pain!”
“Yaelah njel jangan pegang mata.”
“Pain!” *crying furiously*
“Iya tanganmu itu sabun tok munthuk ojok mbokkuceki terus matamu.”

Hands full of bubbles rubbing itchy eyes. Yaelah nak bego juga ada batasnya. Kalo uda gini salah siapa? Salah papa? Salah Jokowi?

Fun fact: it’s not easy to rinse soapy suds out of someone’s eyes when you need to strangle that someone’s to prevent their soapy hands coming into contact while your hands are soapy too. It’s tricky. And slippery.


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