The Lazy Guy

I’m constantly reminded that 天外有天人外有人.

Few days ago, we met my friend from Surabaya who married a Jakartan, gave birth to first child in Singapore and migrated to London, second child born in London and migrated to Newcastle.

Today we attended farewell party of Angel’s classmate. The Japanese family with their cute little daughter is migrating to Bangkok. It came as a surprise considering the first time I met this family during school registration I learned that the Japanese girl was born in Manila. When you say Japan I will think about shoguns and ninjas, not travellers and nomads.

Seeing these people moving around sometime felt like a slap on my face. I haven’t even spare the time to see Stella’s baby Cas. It’s so simple, just buy ticket using Traveloka apps (maaf ngiklan), yet I’m so lazy. Oh please, I need to plan almost a year to see Dina’s family in Jurong.


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