What is Dead May Never Die

“Papa go down please. This is my bed.”

Evangeline, 2yrs 5½mths, refuses to sleep on her cot. Sleeps on my king size bed with my wife.

Me? I sleep on the floor on the portable mattress we initially bought to prevent her falling from bed.

I have asked few friends and apparently this sleeping configuration is not uncommon. Mama and baby sharing bed and Papa sleep on the floor is the new normal. What is not normal is my 13.8 kg baby rolling around in her sleep and occasionally fall to me due to her excessive kungfu choreography. My wife is occasionally in dilemma witnessing these events, unsure whether we were in post-collisions concussion or just a deep sleep slumber.

According to her, we look unconscious. Until we snore in tandem.


She just dived right to my ribcage two nights ago. She woke up and asked me “Papa are you okay?”, giggled, kissed my cheek, said “okay sleep sleep.”, climbed up to her mama’s side and tried to sleep again. I had a nightmare kena langgar by Scania.

We’ve been through the baby 1st month no sleep ordeal. We’ve been zombified.

What is dead may never die.


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