A Rude Awakening

After long naptime battle today, I finally told my daughter. She couldn’t believe what I said and I could see she’s relatively shaken after I told her the truth. I have no choice but I think the earlier she knew the better it is for everyone of us.

“Papa want to sleep here too. Papa buy this bed. Papa share with Angel. Last time Papa sleep here. Angel come Papa go down. Now Papa want to go up. Angel can sleep with Papa here or Angel go down.”
“But this is Angel bed.”
“How can this be your bed? I buy this bed.”
“Mama buy for Angel.”
“No no no Papa buy this bed for Papa Mama and Angel. We share. You happy you sleep here. You no happy you sleep outside.”
“Ok Papa sleep here.”

Now the shareholders are 15% Papa 35% Mama and 50% Angel.


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