The Baby Translator

“Hungry maybe, cluster feeding.”
“Papa, Meme poo.”
“No, Angel. Meme is hungry.”
“But Meme say Meme poo.”
“Have you checked the pampers? “
“Can not be lah. Baru change like ten minutes ago.”
“Go see first.”

Not convinced but out of three girls in the house, one was crying, one said it’s poonami alert, and one said I must check first. So I kind of kalah suara and check it anyway.

“Meme poo right?”
“See. Poo right?”

There are occasions that I really hate when someone is right. Maybe because in most of arguments my wife is always right and husband is always wrong. Semua salah laki laki apalagi kalau laki laki itu Jokowi. This feeling is amplified when there are now two in the house who are consistently correcting me.

“Must listen to Angel.”

On a side note, did baby have language? Angel has been translating Elin‘s cries for the past two days and it’s 70% correct.


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