Raising a Reader – 21 September 2017

This time I won’t be borrowing only for Evangeline. Papa and Mama got a book each too. Because what else can promote raising a reader rather than showing the kid that their role models (Papa and Mama) read too? Today I’m getting three pocket books for Evangeline and one comic strip compilation for Mama and one comic book compilation bundle for myself.

You’re Here
You’re One
You’re Two
These three books under the same author, Karla Oceanak, is a mini pocket book. In the first book You Are Here, it shows a newborn baby with its activity, drinking milk etc. In You Are One, the activities are related to a one year old infant. And in You Are Two, the activities are on the 2 year old toddler. We use this book to tell Evangeline what is her baby sister Adeline doing. By narrating that the baby is drinking milk, and from the another book telling her what she is doing as a toddler. She vaguely understand about the content and she can tell which book is the earlier age (her sister activities) and which book is the later age (her activities)

Rough-and-tumble turtles!
This is a nickelodeon’s attempt to sell Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles to the kid’s touch and feel book section. Illustrated by Patrick Spaziante, it is a nice TMNT themed book with sensory education. There’s rough patch for the turtle shells, and fury patch for Tigerclaw’s fist. Not every parents will appreciate this, I understand. But as a TMNT fans myself, having this book in library is a plus, it’s like an introductory course to TMNT for Evangeline, packaged in a sensory touch and feel book.

No Yelling: Scrapbook no. 32
It’s a compilation from Rick Kirkman’s comic strip, the famous Baby Blues. Mama enjoys reading this book so much she will bring it whenever she’s nursing Adeline. And the fact that some of the events in the comic reflects our parenting life is a big plus. It’s refreshing to see that the author can see parenting experience from a funny perspective, i.e. laughing at ourselves.

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles : a quarter century celebration
I will not lie to you. I grew up with 1980s TV series Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. It was heavily affected by Playmates because they need to sell the merchandise. As I grow older, I follow up with the next incarnation by 4Kids TV and eventually the current Nickelodeon’s. Not only that, I also do my research backwards and read the origins. I told you I will not lie to you. Despite my love for TMNT, I did not like the drawings of the original TMNT. So this 180 pages soft cover edition to celebrate their 25th anniversary is not really the best resource for someone who want to start reading TMNT. The drawings are not enticing, the plot has flaws, etc. But I read it nevertheless, because this is where the TMNT who grew with me started. This is the compilation of best classic tales of TMNT. This is their humble beginning before now being so famous and recreated in Michael Bay’s movie. This, ladies and gentleman, is not a comic. It’s a visual history book.



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