Raising a Reader – 28 September 2017

Another lunch time trip to Ang Mo Kio public library during my workdays. Life as a parent is not easy, as a parent who want to raise a reader is even more. There is sacrifice to be made. But if my daughters growing up to be someone who loves reading, I can’t wait for the moment my daughter think that library is a window to the world of massive knowledge. These are the books I borrow for her.

They are four books by same author, Helen Oxenbury. In Dressing, the baby is wearing each layer of clothes from diapers, tops and bottoms, until socks and shoes. In working, its about the baby activity like showering, potty training, and drinking milk. In playing, the baby plays with ball, book, and teddy bear doll. In Friends, the baby play with animals or pets. I borrow these four books because it’s pocket sized and I like the illustration. But Evangeline does not like it. She flip through the book and recite the activities or the objects found on that page, and never revisit the book anymore. Maybe she’s too old for this book.

Counting with Cow
Dubbed as a first tabbed lift-the-flap book, this book illustrated by Hannah Wood makes me revisit all my previous flap books and tabbed books. There are a lot of flap books, and many tabbed books. But so far there’s none that have both functions in the same book. But apart from its unique gimmick, this book do not have any other advantages over other counting books.

Elmer and Wilbur
If you remember a story about the colourful elephant whose sacrifice its colour to restore the rainbow colour, that’s Elmer. This time, Elmer is meeting his cousin, Wilbur. As if colourful elephant is not crazy enough, the author David McKee makes Wilbur a ventriloquist elephant. With his skill, Wilbur is very good in playing hide and seek, bluffing everyone where he is with his fake voice.

This two books contain the same characters with our previous books Clip Clop. Nicola Smee did a good job bringing the characters of Cat, Dog, Pig, Duck, and Mr Horse having their activities together. These two are other onomatopoeia , like clip clop, so we could assume jingle jingle will involve some bell (in this case sleigh ride) and splish splash will involve some water (in this case they are taking boat). I love the details where they took the boat everyone is wearing life float vest except the duck.

What’s the matter, Bunny Blue
It’s the same author, Nicola Smee as the previous two books discussed above. But I put it on separate paragraph because the characters in the book is not same. It’s about a bunny who is looking for his grandma. With a basic choice of words, it’s good book to teach the young reader about story plot.


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