Raising a Reader – 2 October 2017

I have been going to library almost everyday now that I recognizing familiar faces. Some librarians and janitors, and this uncle who wear big rimmed glasses and saying Hi to random children in kids’ section. No. Not me. Another guy.

Today I borrow three books for Evangeline.

Teacup in a Storm
What is intriguing in the book by Lucy M George is the imagination. Apart from the wordplay of the title from the idiom storm in a teacup, of course. The first few pages of the books look totally absurd. It’s like an adventure of a teacup in a wild sea. And at the end of the book there’s a reveal of a cup inside a bathtub with other bath toys. It reminds me that what looks like a simple things for us, could be a very fascinating experience for our children. For example, a floating teacup in the bathtub could be an adventure of a lifetime for our kid. I miss looking at the world through the eyes of innocent child.

The Big Balloon
Honestly when I wrote this article I kind of forgot what book is this. Until I check the photo of the books I returned (I took photo of all the books Evangeline has read and uploaded it to my instagram). I remember this book as Pip and Posy book. Seriously, Axel Scheffler has not made a memorable title, but oh boy he made a catchy character name. We love Pip and Posy and read this book over and over again. Basically these two bunnies have a big red balloon, and play with it. But when Pip (or is it Posy?) lose the grip, the balloon fly off. I would assume it’s helium balloon because it float. It fly so high until they can’t grab it back. To top their disappointment, the balloon strike a tree branch and pop in front of their eyes. But luckily Posy (or is it Pip?) had an idea. They do not dwell in their disappointment and sadness over popped balloon, and proceed to play other stuffs, Bubbles. They have many bubbles and it kept popping all over the place. And strangely they are not as distressed over burst bubbles compared to when the big red balloon burst. I know it’s weird. But hey! Pip and Posy book! Papa! Read again! Again!

That’s not My Penguin
Another one from Fiona Watt/ Rachel Wells series. You can read more about previous books from the same series from here and here.  It’s the same, except of course they change the animal. It’s a great way to milk a successful series. It’s like an engineering approach. If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it. Some people would say it’s lazy way. But to me lazy way of making money is a great way. To the author/ illustrator/ publisher, come, I clap for you.


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