Gathering with Papa’s univ friends today morning.
“Angel, you sing. Sing to Papa’s friends.”
“Lhooo ayo. Koq malu malu. Gak maen ah kamu, Njel.”
“You shy? Biasa e no shy, sing very loud. Sekarang koq Angel shy?”

Bedtime story tonight.
“And Ollie, Gossie, Booboo, Peedie, all fall fast asleep. Good night.”
“Pa, tomorrow you no working?”
“Yes, I take half day leave. Tomorrow is your first day in N1.”
“We go school together?”
“Papa see Angel friend?”
“Yes. I will see your friends. You have many friends I heard.”
“You sing. To my friend?”
“No Angel. I just send you to school.”
“You shy?”
“Why you shy?” 
“OK I got your point. You don’t need to rub it in.”

Evangeline, 2¾yrs old, pendendam.
Not on-demand singing service.


The League of Extraordinary Animals

They said in a group of three there’s one person who is weird. But how come in our case, there’s no one normal? I don’t know. I don’t even know how we know each other.

Beda angkatan. Beda jurusan. Beda kampung halaman. Beda spesies.

Panda Tambun. Kucing Kecil. Onta Banci.

Onta yang tak lagi banci.
Kucing yang sudah menjadi induk kucing kucing kecil.
Dan Panda yang bertanggungjawab melestarikan kelangsungan spesies satwa langka.

From blog, to ym and gtalk, to Rasa Istimewa, to whatsapp group. It’s odd that people who has nothing in common seemingly, clicks so well on almost any absurd topic.

I don’t know what I have done in my previous life to deserve friends like you. To you, I say, a decade of friendship is small steps compared to the lifelong one we will have.

And to my kids, I tell them, “their minions are your cousins.”


A Ride Home

Took a GrabShare ride home. Few seconds in the car, the ride got a match. We drove to fetch the next rider nearby, around 1km from my place. Destination is also in my house neighbourhood. So it seems like a good match. The AI didn’t fuck up this time. In fact it seldom fuck up, but when it did, they match me with someone going to other end of the country, or tell the driver to drop me on the expressway.

Reached the second rider place. No one showed up. Driver called. Driver got irritated. Phone call ended. Few minutes later. One man walked towards my side (front passenger side). He gestured to roll down my window and knocked my window when I didn’t respond.

Driver rolled down my window from his control panel.

“One moment. Sorry guys.”, he said while bobbing his head to signify politeness in his culture.

The guy stood up outside my door. And talked to his phone. I was not sure what’s happening. Isn’t it basic courtesy to be punctual when sharing rides? You’re already late and asked us to wait for you talking on the phone.

I rolled down my window. Myself this time. Not under control of driver.

I draw my bow and shot a piercing arrow to inflict a flesh wound. “SECOND RIDER! YOU HAVE FAILED THIS CITY!”.

Or at least that’s what happened in my mind. But instead I shout “Woy! Faster la! TALK INSIDE THE CAR LA!”

This big guy ran inside the car, not expecting someone half his size had the balls to command him, not knowing this small guy had 73 of his nonsense kind for breakfast for six ways from Sundays.

“Sorry sorry. My friend is coming down.”, bobbing intensified.

Apparently he was calling the other rider.So this guy booked a ride for two. He himself was late. But his partner was worse.

This is why we can’t have nice things.

Jobless but Busy

I bring Angel go to library today. My wife takes care of Elin at home. An attempt my friend called “divide and conquer”. Not the usual neighbourhood library, but the main one in Bugis.

During the long MRT ride (Angel refer this as Choochootrain), we talk about job. Apparently in her simple mind, she has a job.

“I have.”
“You have? You’re still so small. What’s your job?”
“Every day. Morning. Angel have job wake up. I must change my clothes and nana. And oh no I pee on pampers so must change also. Angel must hug papa so papa can kiss kiss go to work. Ok? OK?”
“Wow that’s like a lot of work. Now I know you have job.”
“Sek ada. Sek ada.”
“Sek ada lagi? You have more job?”
“Angel go home from school. Check check meimei is sleeping. Angel cooking. Angel play. And Angel eat and oh I must bathe and drink susu.”
“Wow. You are cooking too?”
“Papa. What’s your job?”
“My job? I’m an engineer, Angel.”
“What job you do?”
“Hmmm… I build things. I make tunnels.”
“Your job two only?”
“Haha ya, there are more. But mainly those two.”
“Wahhh two only. I have so many job.”
“Haha yes Angel. You work so hard.”
“I’m hungry.”

Evangeline, 2¾yrs old. Work so hard and get so far. Papa has an easy life. Two only.


Folding is a simple activity. I’m not talking about origami level. I’m talking about the simple act of bending a flat piece to turn over into two layers of the same flat piece. As simple as that. Folding. Melipat.

So tonight Angel ask me to help her fold this cloth. We’ve already done this million times alright. Her pink blanket, her white towel, she’s pro at this. No problemo. She brought me this kain lorek. Here’s the deal with kain lorek. Nobody knows who invented them and where and when it came from, but all Indonesian parents know what kain lorek is. It is a stripy pattern cloth used for baby stuffs. Wiping, layering, sheet protector, expelling demonic spirit, it’s a multi purpose cloth.

The cloth itself has simple coloured stripe pattern, and the other side is plain white. Angel laid the rectangular cloth on the floor, with the pattern side face up. And ask me to fold it. Corner A meet corner D, corner B meet corner C (conventional alphabetical naming for primary school math problem with counter clockwise labelling). After I fold it, she cried the loudest wail you can imagine from a toddler.

We did a thorough investigation and found out the root cause. It was because when I fold the stripy pattern, the colour is gone and she’s left with white cloth. We found the problem after at least three tries. So if you ask your dad to fold a one sided pattern cloth, and after he fold it for you, and the pattern is now inside the folded state, and you are left with white cloth on the outside. Your Papa is in the wrong. Definitely. Because everyone knows that stripes must be on the outside. Everyone. PAPA! Didn’t you get the memo! Omaigat! It’s so simple and you did it wrong, Pa!

Evangeline, 2¾ yrs old, we had high hope. We were wrong.

TMNT is Lyf

“Angel, this is who?”
“I don’t know.”
“Grover. He’s Elmo’s friend.”

“Angel, who is this?”
“I don’t know. Blue Elmo?”

Much later
“Angel, you know these two?” 
“The blue one is Leo. Leonardo is Leo. And the purple one is Donnie.”

Evangeline, 2¾ years old, your Papa couldn’t be more proud. Priorities.