Raising a Daughter

*Post-shower Saga.

“Don’t go! Wear your clothes first!”
“I don’t want. Don’t want. Dowaaaaannnn… “
“Why? This is nice. This clothes got doraemon. You don’t want to wear doraemon clothes?” 
“Papa. I want to wear princess clothes.”
“Ok I will take the princess one.”
“And pink hair clip.”
“Thank you papa. “

Evangeline, 2 yrs 4¼ mths.
I should remind myself every now and then that I’m raising a daughter.

It’s not easy to take her seriously everytime she wants to play pretty and princessy.

You should look at her. She looks too much like me.

Who Needs Sleep Anyway?

7 pm during dinner. My wife asked me a simple request.

“I want to take a break today. Can you handle the baby?”

8 pm – daughter fully bathed, father fully wet.
9 pm – both daughter and daddy in pajamas.
10 pm – father fully exhausted, daughter still in warming up stage.
11 pm – father already sang whole album of nursery songs, daughter already drank two bottles of milk, no sign of sleepiness.

12 midnight. Wife knocked on the door.

“What did you feed this monster? She’s like a squirrel high on caffeine!”
“It’s OK I will take over.”
“No, you take your break. I’ve already said I’ll take care of it today. I’m a man of my word.”
“It’s OK. Now is already tomorrow.”
“You don’t know how much I love you right now.”

My wife knows how to let me 下臺 gracefully.

Double Decker Bus

Teaching objects inside the books with daughter.

“This is bus.”
“This is also a bus. But bigger.”
“Bigger bus.”
“Double decker bus.”
“Double double bus.”
“Double decker bus.”
“Double decker bus.”

The next morning she saw a bus at the bus stop and shouted.


Isn’t it amusing when a 2 yrs old can be very descriptive and specific?

Evangeline, 2 yrs 4 mths.
Extensive vocabularies, amateur pronunciation, unprecedented confidence.

Gelisah Geli Geli Basah


I thought my feet are stuck to my blanket or the bedsheet. I tried to pull and it resists. I took and wore my glasses only to see my daughter were upside down and had been using my thigh as a bolster.

This little koala was in a deep sleep, licking my knee while smiling. Somebody must be having a dream about strawberry ice cream.

Evangeline, 2 yrs 4 mth.
Mimpi indah bumbu decak ludah.

Fork is for Mere Mortals

As I saw my daughter struggling with her cutleries mastery skills, I offered my help.

“Angel, give papa your fork.”
*pushing food with fork from left hand to spoon on right hand*
“Come papa help you.”
*right and left hands are not coordinated well*
“You hold the spoon. Give me the fork.”
*struggling intensifies*
“Angel, give me the fork.”
“Angel, gi-“
“SSSHHHHH!!!! PAPA! Take take take! Take Angel fork. Don’t. Disturb. Angel.”

She shoved her fork to my hand. Lift up the bowl to her mouth with her left hand. Push the food to her mouth using the spoon in her right hand.

Evangeline, 2 yrs 3⅞ mths.
Because fork is for namby pamby.