Elin’s Nap Saga

🛌Elin’s afternoon nap saga

💣Wednesday : Neighbour renovation – hacking
💥Thursday : Neighbour renovation – drilling
👷Friday : Neighbour renovation – carpentry
🎅Saturday : Jiejie Angel no school, sing Christmas songs so loud, non stop
🤵Sunday : Finally Jiejie Angel sleep. Void deck Malay wedding.

Waaaaaaaa (If I no sleep, nobody shall.)

Adeline, 3¼ mths old, full of wrath, takes no nonsense.


Little Pliket Piglet

Pliket is a javanese term, an adjective, to describe the sticky feeling because of sweating.

“Njel, pliket kabeh kamu, ndang mandio toh!” (Angel, you’re so pliket, go take a shower!) 
“Noooo… I not pliket.”
*Angel go to another room and then come back*
“This is pliket.” *bring piglet doll*

Evangeline, 2¾ yrs old, little pliket piglet.



🗯️“Angel! IS ANGEL! Angel is Angel! I is not your bolster!” 

Midnight scream wakes everyone up. Well, not her fault. I accidentally pin her with my thigh in my sleep. In my defense, she crossed to my territory. And the bolster size are about the same.25289748_10156010324463385_713286079923700981_n.jpg

Relay Run

Going to wedding reception is not an ordinary feat. It took hefty amount of preparation and its execution relied heavily on decision-making skills under certain form of duress.

“My goodness, what time is it now Angel!?! It’s wedding lunch. Go back to sleep!”

“Party party party!!!”
“Shhh Shhh Shhh….”
“Pa don’t Shhh Angel.”
“Don’t be noisy everybody is sleeping.”
“Pa don’t Shhh Angel pee on your pillow.”

“I want eat.”

“Angel don’t be noisy, you wake Elin up!”

“You prepare Angel, I prepare Elin.”
“Relax, it’s wedding LUNCH.”
“We don’t have the time. Just get ready.”

“Have you get ready?”
“Relax. What time is the reception?”
“We need to be there latest by 12.30.”

“We need to go out of the house by 1130.”
“No problem. We are ready.”
“Get Angel something to eat first!”
“I thought we are going to lunch?”
“We don’t know what time the food is served.”
“Good point. I don’t want to tame hangry baby.”

“Eat something? Open your mouth?”
“Angel not hungry!”
“You must eat. Later if you don’t like the food in mama party you will be hungry.”

“Everybody ready? Let’s go!”
“Pa I want to poo.”

“Okay the taxi is here. Quickly we are late.”
” I want yellow one.”
“We are taking this blue one. You coming?”

“This is St Regis, Angel.” 
“Pa I sleepy.”


“Do you have a nice sleep?”
“Angel hungry.”

“Is the food nice?” 
“I want to poo.”

“Finally Elin is sleeping.”

“Okay people we need to go before the guest swarm the taxi queue.”
“Angel say bye to everyone!”
“Bye to everyone!”

Attending my wife’s friend’s wedding reception. 2½ hours in total, feels like doing relay run but instead of passing baton we are passing toddler for various mission including soothing to nap, feeding, nappy changing, and stroller briskwalking. Cumulative time sit on the lunch table was less than one hour (I spent around half hour in handicap toilet chasing naked toddler, wonderful marble tiles by the way.)

I am who I am

“Let it gooo let it gooo.”
“How you know this song? School teach you?”
“Ya. School sing.”
“You watch the movie in school TV?”
“Yes. Angel watch TV.”
“Are you Elsa or Princess Anna?”
“No. Teacher is Princess. Angel is snowman.”
“We need to talk.”

Evangeline, 2¾yrs old, self confidence of a rock solid snowman.