Slippery When Wet

“Pa don’t go to office Pa.” 
“I have to, Njel.”
“No Papa. Angel want to play with Papa.”
“Nantik Papa go home play with Angel. Now Papa go office first.”
“Papa cannot go it is raining outside.”
“It’s OK. Gerimis only papa can go.”
“Pa don’t go nantik papa wet.”
“It’s OK papa is a big boy. A little bit wet is OK.”
“Pa ada rain the floor wet nantik papa jatuh.”
“Papa careful the floor wet slippery yes papa careful.”
“Pa nantik ada thunder papa scared go home hug Angel ya.”
“Ndak, Njel. You scared. I no scared thunder. You scared you carik bear bear and hug bear bear.”
“HELLO! YOUR ENGLISH! Gitu sek tanyak Inggris e Angel koq kayak gitu!”

Evangeline, 2½yrs, bilingual negotiation.


Good Boy Papa

“Angel! Papa go to office ya!” 
“Waiiiitttt wait wait!! Papa wait!”
“Ayo cepet papa telat lo.”
“Wait. Hug kiss first.”

*Hug and kiss.

“Good boy. Don’t fight in office ya. Listen to teacher.”

Evangeline, 2½yrs old, is copying all the things we do.

Sharing is Caring

I extended my hand to take extra servings from the center bowl.

“Papa you must share.”
“Papa don’t take so much.”

I’m so touched that my daughter reminding me that my wife still has not eaten dinner yet.

“Mama I want some more chicken.”
“Eh, just now I take you say ‘must share, don’t take so much‘ , now you say ‘want some more‘ ?”
“Ya. Don’t take so much. Share with me.”

Evangeline, 2½yrs old, dinner table conversation. Sometime I wondered why my wife kept losing weight. Whatever weight she lost, my daughter has found ’em.

Let It Go

“Papa help!” 
“Papa put on my shoulder please.”
“Why? Jatuh lho kamu nantik pake blanket jalan jalan.”
“Please put shoulder.”

*put blanket to Angel’s shoulder

“Let it gooo let it gooooo”

Evangeline, 2½yrs old, Let It Go on repeat.


“Balonku ada lima
Rupa rupa warnanya
Hijau kuning kelabu
Kupegang erat erat”

“No meletus?” 
“No Dor? Balon hijau no Dor??”
“No. No Dor. Meme is sleeping.”

Evangeline, 2½yrs, empathy is there. Not very sure on the other things.


满月 (man yue) is a tradition to celebrate baby full month. Thanks to my in law it became a full fledged ritual with red eggs and gold accessories (woah my baby so china today). Thanks to my parents who helped us during the first weeks of this baby saga. Without everyone’s help I don’t think we will live to see the day.

I have slept broken sleep for as long as I can remember. I changed diapers half asleep throwing the new one and putting back the dirty one.

My wife, she finally can eat normal food. She has graduated from her confinement rantangan.

Evangeline is now a big sis. She doesn’t know it yet but apparently this is a big deal. Everyone keep asking her what’s meimei’s name. As a new father of two I’m still adjusting and learning how to be fair and just. More often than not, being fair means I have to sacrifice more. Because when I carry Adeline, Evangeline asks for the same. I need to educate her that they are 11 kgs different.

Adeline. My wife has breastfed Adeline for the first month of her life and she’s showing healthy signs of development. She’s adapting well to the new world outside the womb and her sleep is now immune to karangguni tetot tetot.

满月 is a tradition to celebrate baby full month.

To us, it’s more than that. It’s a survival milestone.