Communication Skills of (almost) 2 year old Evangeline

Everyone (Papa, Mama, Angel) is ready for monthly family outing, and suddenly

“Let’s go!”
“Wait Papa!”
“Yes why?”
“Angel poo.”

My daughter is learning to tell us what’s happening to her.

When we reached the Kopitiam (local Food Courts chain in Singapore), the Mother goes to buy the food first while I supervise Angel playing around. Among all of the patrons in the makan place, and suddenly

“Oh no please don’t.”

My daughter is learning to tell the whole world what’s happening to her. At impeccable moment.


The Art of Intimidation

“Angel, bathe”
“Angel. Bathe.”
“Papa. No.”
“Angel bathe please.”
“But papa said please.”
“No please.”
“Angel 洗澡”
“Angel tonight no susu lo.”
“Papa bathe please.”

Defence Against the Dark Arts

I hugged her, she kicked me away. I carried her, she wanted me to let go. I offered my arm, she took it, smelled it, and threw it away as if it was an insult.

Then the mother came. Offered the arm. And she fell asleep. The mother smugly smirked as if telling me “this is how you tame a fantastic beast.”


As I level up, the fantastic beast level up too. The only problem is, her leveling rate is exponential. Now she already learned new skill, Howling Rage. Activated when the full moon at its peak, capable of shattering the souls of our sleeping neighbours.


Multilingual Baby

“One … Two … Chwee … For … 五 … Nam …”

Evangeline 22¼ months old.

Descendant of the Indonesian Chinese couple who lives in Singapore.

Fun facts: Do you know that my sister lives in Taiwan and is married to a Thai.