Toilet Training (part 3)

2 decades ago. Was in Indonesia during the collapse of Soeharto’s reign and the political crisis aftermath.

A decade ago. Was in Thailand during the political unrest. Less than 2 years ago, was in Bangkok during the funeral of the king Bhumibol.

Today. Is in Singapore during the Trump Kim summit.

Here I am. Witnessing all these historical figures who shape the society. While preparing the future leaders myself. One diaper at a time.


Shopping Online

For myself.
Compare prices. Click ‘Add to Cart’. Forget about it. See it accidentally the next month. Delete from cart because don’t need/want it anymore.

For my daughters.
Check review. Click ‘Buy Now’. Track delivery every 5 minutes.


Intoxicating Fragrance


Bedtime with Papa.

“Pa. Did you bathe?”
“Why so pliket (sticky/sweaty)?”
“It’s a hot day today.”
“So sticky.”
“You can let go.”
“But I want to hug your arm.”
“Then don’t complain.”
“Can you bathe again? It’s so sweaty.”
“Quickly. I wait here.”

Evangeline, 3yrs 2⅔mths old, doesn’t know it’s the secret that makes her fall asleep easily.

Devide et Impera


There were few occasions I would go solo with my daughter for weekend outings. The mother wants to join, too, for her sanity and bonding with the older daughter; but by now we both know too well that outing with the baby only means nursing room hunting and queueing. So we have no choice but to adopt this strategy, devide et impera.

Papa will bring little Kwan outside. Mama will hold the fort with the littler Kwan at home. For those of you who thinks that I somehow win, I won’t argue, because I believe in karma and I wish you will have your offspring too. In fact, in this equation I think the one who stayed at home win. I mean the littler Kwan. Not the mother. She doesn’t have a chance to win.

Today we went to Garden by the Bay. It’s a tourist attraction with F2P system like most of Android games. You can go there for free but some attractions are not free. Quite expensive actually. I, being a dedicated F2P player, go only for the free ones. Strolling below the huge Avatar like supertree. Let the kid run wild on the grass patch. Sometime there are events too, like today’s is Children’s Festival: The Magic Faraway Tree.…/childrens-festival-the-ma…

Evangeline, 3yrs 2½mths old, brings Papa jalan jalan.
Adeline, 8⅞mths old, accompanies Mama at home.

Farewell is Never Easy

“Where are you going?”
“I’m going to work.”
“You go work?”
“Yes. Bye bye, Angel.”
“Hug first.”
*kiss cheeks*
“Bye bye!”
“Wait wait wait. High five!”
*high five*
“High ten!”
*both hands high five*
“See you later!”
“I love you!”
“I love you too!”
“I love you too also!”
“Ok. Please move away from the door. Can Papa go now?”
“Where are you going?”

Evangeline, 3yrs 2½mths old, bringing a whole new meaning to a difficult farewell.

Multilingual Baldness

Bahasa Indonesia. Boso Jowo. English.
Gosok. Gosok. Rub/Scrub.
Gundul. Gundhul. Bald.

🗯️“Don’t move! Come back! Give me the towel!”
🗯️“Don’t sok sok so hard! Later I gondhol how?”

Evangeline, 3yrs 2½ mths old, doesn’t like Papa drying her hair.

My First Animal Book

Beluga whale.

How many do you know?
These are animals in my daughter’s book. The title is My First Animal Book. While there are those I know (elephant, giraffe, lion), these animals I listed above are unknown to me.

Life-frigging-long learning, bruv.