Papa’s Dirty Nose

“There’s something in your nose.” 
“Help me take tissue.”
*take tissue 
*blow nose
*check Papa’s nose
“Still have?”
“Your nose is dirty. Ada dirt.”
“Which side?”
“Left one. Wait. Right one also.”
*see mirror
“You see?”
“Nothing. I saw nothing, Angel.”
“Dirty. Ada hair many.”
“Bulu hidung. Not dirt!”

Evangeline, 2½yrs old, still doesn’t understand that nasal hair has its function and is not dirt.


Bahagia Itu Sederhana

Bahagia itu melihat anak umur 2½ yrs old minum air madu dari gelas tumbler independently.

Percaya itu menahan diri untuk tidak membantu meskipun sudah ndlewer belepotan sampai pipi.

Bangga itu terkesan melihat kid jaman now tadi jalan ngambil tissue, ngelapi cemot e, tisu dibuang di tong sampah, gelas ditaruh di cucian.

You raised your daughter well, my wife. I’m impressed. *slow clap*

“Pa wake up.” 
“Zzz…. “
“Papa you wake up.”
“Morning, Angel. Do you have a nice sleep?” 
“Papa you wake up. Stand up.”
“Did you pee? You want to change pampers?”
“No. I want Papa to wake up. Stand up go there.”
“Ok ok Papa wake up already. You want to play with Papa before Papa go to office?”
“No. I want Papa to off the alalam. Angel want to sleep.”

Evangeline, even a 2½ yrs old knows that Saturday is not meant to be working day. Saturday morning is a challenge who could withstand the alarm clock the longest.

So Much Noise

“Tonight you sleep with Papa, okay?” 
Two minutes later


Ten minutes later
“Pa I want gendong Pa.”
“I’m tired, Angel. You are now almost 15 kilo.”
“AAaAAAaaRRGHHhhhh!!!!!! “

One eternity later 
“Papa sleeping.”
“Pa tissue pa.”
“Ssshhh papa sleeping.”
“Papa take tissue please.”
“Tidur tidur.”
“Pa I eat umbel Pa.”
“Hoi ini tissue lap dhewe.”
“Hmmm yummy. Wow. So many mucus.”

Evangeline, 2½yrs old, toddlerhood is hard.

She Loves You Too

“I love you.”
“I love you.”
“Tonight sleep with Papa ya?”
“I want to sleep with Mama.”
“Mama sleep with Meimei Elin.”
“Mama sleep with Angel. Papa sleep with Meimei.”
“Lhoo tadi Angel said Angel love Papa lho. Ayo sleep with Papa.” 
“Meimei love you also Pa.”

Evangeline, 2½yrs old, getting better in negotiations.

When I choose my wife I admire her for her strong will and her grit. I never knew this will backfire anakku ngeyelan nurun mbok e.

Slippery When Wet

“Pa don’t go to office Pa.” 
“I have to, Njel.”
“No Papa. Angel want to play with Papa.”
“Nantik Papa go home play with Angel. Now Papa go office first.”
“Papa cannot go it is raining outside.”
“It’s OK. Gerimis only papa can go.”
“Pa don’t go nantik papa wet.”
“It’s OK papa is a big boy. A little bit wet is OK.”
“Pa ada rain the floor wet nantik papa jatuh.”
“Papa careful the floor wet slippery yes papa careful.”
“Pa nantik ada thunder papa scared go home hug Angel ya.”
“Ndak, Njel. You scared. I no scared thunder. You scared you carik bear bear and hug bear bear.”
“HELLO! YOUR ENGLISH! Gitu sek tanyak Inggris e Angel koq kayak gitu!”

Evangeline, 2½yrs, bilingual negotiation.

Good Boy Papa

“Angel! Papa go to office ya!” 
“Waiiiitttt wait wait!! Papa wait!”
“Ayo cepet papa telat lo.”
“Wait. Hug kiss first.”

*Hug and kiss.

“Good boy. Don’t fight in office ya. Listen to teacher.”

Evangeline, 2½yrs old, is copying all the things we do.