Educational Bedtime Story

This is cement mixer. Cement mixer takes a bath then sleeps. Tomorrow morning casting. Cement mixer must have enough rest so it can pass concrete slump test for workability. To improve workability and reduce water cement ratio we can use additives like superplasticizers, or if budget permits, viscosity modifying agent.

Goodnight cement mixer.

Construction Worker Papa

Perks of working in construction industry. A lot of books with Construction theme. She can tell her friends that Papa is working in construction site and everyone understands. Her best friend in school has IT Developer father. Good luck finding Goodnight Ruby on Rails for your daughter, buddy.

Kid can name many construction equipments and machineries : wow smart girl! Your parents teach you well.

Kid can mention few programming syntax : wtf did your parents teach you at home. Are your parents nerds?

No Call Madam Teacher Please

“I want Mama I don’t want Papa.”
“Eh? Bilang apa? Takbilangno Tante Dina lho kamu!”
“No no Papa No! “
“Papa call tante dina now.”
“Papa! No no. No call Madam teacher please.”

Learning dirty parenting works by the legendary Mak Kucing Dina Kh.

Din, dia udah associate kamu sebagai Madam teacher nih. Ntar kalo ketemu kamu yang galak dikit ya. Biar sayang papa mama, takut sama tante. Hahahaha.

Raising a Reader – 10 Aug 2017

We have established a bed time routine and reward system. For good behaviour, a new book will magically appear after bath time. We will read four books before Evangeline goes to sleep. On a day where she listen and obey us, three of them will be old books (our own books) and one of them will be new books (borrowed from library). New means she never saw it before. It could be tattered and in a sorry state, but as long as it is alien to her, it’s new okay.

What does it mean to us? It means we have to be ready with more books and the fact that she longer has separation anxiety with the books, we can return the library books without much wailings. Yeah, the first few episodes she still doesn’t understand the concept of borrowing and she refuses to return the library book. It has to be magically disappear when she sleeps. But now she knows that in order to get the new books, the old books have to go. So here are the four books I borrowed on 10th August 2017.

I love you, little pumpkin!
Sandra Magsamen has a special way to present her book that I can’t decipher. My daughter love this book and choose this book from the stacks instinctively. I don’t know whether it’s the colour contrast, or maybe there’s special soft materials on the cover, or both. It’s a flap book with halloween theme, so on each page there is some object covering someone. You still can see a part of that someone hiding or peeking behind the object, and when you open the flap, you can see kids wearing animal costumes, because, halloween, right? Anyway I found someone who video the flap book here.

The Very Hungry Caterpillar’s ABC book
It’s just an alphabet book from TVHC’s franchise. One page one object with words initial by the alphabet letter running ascending. Nothing fancy. Good to increase vocabulary and object recognizing though. Don’t buy, just borrow. Evangeline memorize everything by three times going through it. I’m going to have a heart ache if I buy books that only be read thrice.

Hurry up! = Dépêche-toi! = ¡Apúrate!
This book by Anne Sophie Tilly is in black and white. Each pages we are shown an animal. The graphic is on the minimalistic style, borderline symbolic. There is no story, only the name of the animals in three language. English, French, and Spanish, which explain the title in trilingual. I think this is a good book to expose young readers that there are more than one language in the world, and some words mean the same, but in different language. As Evangeline has the knack of language and is considered a healthy multilingual baby, I would say this book is behind her current ability. It is recommended to have this book at younger age, perhaps when we started our raising a reader campaign. I love the multilingual idea, but am not particularly fond of the illustrations. I always thought that kids love colours, so black and white is not really in line with my beliefs.

Hippo is on holiday : a flap book about counting
Don’t be deceived by the title. Even though Matt Mitter tell you this is a book about Hippo on holiday, inside is a collection of many different animals. It consists of 10 pages, each page representing a number, so it’s practically a counting book. Every page will have different number sorted in ascending sequence. I still could remember there are four giraffes under the hot sun, and when you flip the flap, they are going on holiday and riding a sled on the snow cliff. Yes. It is a flap book. A counting flap book. What’s not to love?

The cartoon is cute and does anthropomorphize the animals (giraffe wearing sweaters etc). Evangeline likes flap books in general, and she can tell us all the animals and accesories objects around the page. I would say this book is worth to buy.

Newtonian physics for babies
Garnered a lot of mixed reactions from my facebook pages. People must think that I’m crazy to introduce Physics to my daughter at such an early age. But actually the book is very simple and suitable for young reader. It shows a circle, and refer it as a mass. It shows an arrow, and refer it as a force. It also shows dropping apple, and a sketch of a person supposedly Isaac Newton. Nothing too serious, really. But if that guy invent the law of gravity, I think he deserves a book about him.

That’s all for this episode’s review. We shall move on to the next batch soon!