What Are You Doing

Sunday almost midnight.

“Pa. Papa.”
“Papa. Papapa.” 
“Pa. What are you doing?”
“Pa are you sleeping Pa?”
“Pa wake up Pa.”
“Apa Njel wes malem papa tidur ini. Besok pagi papa sek kerja lo.” 
“Are you sleeping?”
“No. Papa wake up.”
“Ya tadi sleeping terus kamu wake Papa up.”
“You want sleep now?”
“Ok. Good night.”

Then she kiss my cheek.

Evangeline, 2½yrs old, after some sleep training efforts you just wing it because we need sleep more than the kids do.


Jukebox on Repeat

“Pa wake up Pa!” 
“Let Papa sleep, Njel.”
“Wake up Papa let’s play.”
“Let Papa sleep. Sunday ini Njel.”
“You want Sunday?”
“No no no sorry sorry I don’t want Sunday. I want sleep.”

Too late. I’ve hit the play button.

“Sunday Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday… Sunday Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday.”

Evangeline, 2½yrs old, nursery jukebox on repeat.

As Easy As 123

“Angel, you skipped 17.”
“Aaaahhhh Papa don’t disturb. See. I forget 17.”
“Lho… Papa lho ngomong e mari kamu ngomong eighteen nineteen. Not my fault lah.”
“Ssshhh… Ssshhh… Quiet. Don’t disturb me.”
“Ok ok I quiet.”
“Wes gitu tok? Eleven twelve ndak ada?”
“Quiet, Papa!!! Don’t disturb please! Angel is counting please!”
“Lho hoi kamu lho wes mandeg ngitung.”
“Mama! Papa not stop talking! Please.”
“Mama! Anakmu sakkarepe dhewe!”
“Can you two don’t fight?”
“Tiyetttt…. “

Evangeline, 2½yrs, blame game, ibarat buruk muka cermin dipecah.

Priority Consistency

Reading story book.

“This is rooster. This is hen. These are chicks.” 
“This is chicken!”
“Yes, they are all chicken. But everyone has different name.”
“Papa chicken is rooster. Mama chicken is hen. Baby chicken are chicks.”
“Repeat after mama. Papa chicken is rooster.”
“Not oyster. Close. Rooster. Mama chicken is hen.”
“It sounds similar but it’s hen. Baby chicken is chicks.”
“Do you like chicken, Angel?”
“Do you like rooster papa chicken, hen mama chicken, or chicks baby chicken?”
“I like chicken soup.”

Evangeline, 2½yrs old, priority has its consistency.

Papa’s Dirty Nose

“There’s something in your nose.” 
“Help me take tissue.”
*take tissue 
*blow nose
*check Papa’s nose
“Still have?”
“Your nose is dirty. Ada dirt.”
“Which side?”
“Left one. Wait. Right one also.”
*see mirror
“You see?”
“Nothing. I saw nothing, Angel.”
“Dirty. Ada hair many.”
“Bulu hidung. Not dirt!”

Evangeline, 2½yrs old, still doesn’t understand that nasal hair has its function and is not dirt.

Bahagia Itu Sederhana

Bahagia itu melihat anak umur 2½ yrs old minum air madu dari gelas tumbler independently.

Percaya itu menahan diri untuk tidak membantu meskipun sudah ndlewer belepotan sampai pipi.

Bangga itu terkesan melihat kid jaman now tadi jalan ngambil tissue, ngelapi cemot e, tisu dibuang di tong sampah, gelas ditaruh di cucian.

You raised your daughter well, my wife. I’m impressed. *slow clap*