Educational Bedtime Story

This is cement mixer. Cement mixer takes a bath then sleeps. Tomorrow morning casting. Cement mixer must have enough rest so it can pass concrete slump test for workability. To improve workability and reduce water cement ratio we can use additives like superplasticizers, or if budget permits, viscosity modifying agent.

Goodnight cement mixer.

Construction Worker Papa

Perks of working in construction industry. A lot of books with Construction theme. She can tell her friends that Papa is working in construction site and everyone understands. Her best friend in school has IT Developer father. Good luck finding Goodnight Ruby on Rails for your daughter, buddy.

Kid can name many construction equipments and machineries : wow smart girl! Your parents teach you well.

Kid can mention few programming syntax : wtf did your parents teach you at home. Are your parents nerds?

No Call Madam Teacher Please

“I want Mama I don’t want Papa.”
“Eh? Bilang apa? Takbilangno Tante Dina lho kamu!”
“No no Papa No! “
“Papa call tante dina now.”
“Papa! No no. No call Madam teacher please.”

Learning dirty parenting works by the legendary Mak Kucing Dina Kh.

Din, dia udah associate kamu sebagai Madam teacher nih. Ntar kalo ketemu kamu yang galak dikit ya. Biar sayang papa mama, takut sama tante. Hahahaha.


“Eh kamu belajar apa di sekolah koq stupid stupid. Gurumu ngajari gitu? Manggil kamu stupid di sekolah?”
“Snoopy, Pa. Snoopy, Njel.”

Maafkan bapakmu suudzon nak.

Evangeline, 2yrs 5mths old, loves Snoopy, not stupid.