Quick at Mathematics

“Two plus two?”
“Dua ditambah dua?”

Evangeline, 3yrs 3½mths old, very quick in mathematics and advanced in linguistic. Now that the quick part is resolved, we need to improve on the correctness.


So Noisy

In library. Kids section.

“Papa. This is library, right?”
“Library cannot talk, right?”
“Iya. Can not talk loudly. Sshhh…”
“Yes. Can not talk loudly.”
“Iya. Ssshhh…”
“Then why …”
“I know. Ssshhh…”
“Why …”
“Iya. Let them be. We just keep quiet. Library. Follow the rules.”

Suddenly all the parents pull the kids to their laps.

Evangeline, 3yrs 3½mths old, the Enforcer, the Truth Bearer, the Voice of Justice and the Doombringer.

World Cup

“I’m so busy lately didn’t even realize that World Cup has started.”
“I thought World Cup is every 4 years.”
“Yes it is.”
“The last world cup was not so long ago, right.”
“Yes, I still remember the 7-1 match. It was 2014.”
“What? That can’t be right.”
“Let me google that.”
“Yep. It’s 4 years ago.”

The past few years have merely drifted by. There were so many memories but we can’t really tell when is what. It’s just a fabric of reality, intertwined between marathon sleepless nights, and relay diaper changing, but we had a good run.

One day we’ll both again travel, go to cinema, have supper; maybe when both daughters are cramming for university exams, or too busy working to go home for reunion dinner. Few more world cups to go, I guess.

Happy Father’s Day


1. The school invited the fathers to celebrate Father’s Day event.
2. The previous school (Enjel joined this school since Jan this year) never invited me. Only have Mother’s Day celebration.
3. The school (the new one) also invited the mothers to celebrate Mother’s Day earlier few weeks back.
4. The mother said it was fun.
5. Based on 2,3,4, I accepted invitation on 1.
6. The event didn’t say anything, so I expect some kids going to the stage and give some poorly coordinated performance and some crying and some Happy Father Day at the end.
7. Oh boy I was wrong.
8. The activity is Making a Dumpling with Papa.
9. I wear formal long sleeves because I thought I can directly go to office after the event finish.
10. There is this other student whose father is I suspect a chef.
11. I got competitive.
12. Sleeves were rolled, people.
13. Flour and water and a lot of kneading.
14. Enjel wanted to help but we all know this is Father’s day so I asked her to go wash her hand thoroughly and not to interfere with my masterpiece.
15. The principal reminded us that this is about bonding with the kids. Apparently almost all fathers got competitive. It’s difficult not to when the activity is so physical. Dough kneading? It’s like a dragon boating for fathers.
16. I used this opportunity to teach Enjel about diversity. With the same ingredients we are making 小笼包, samosa, ravioli, gyoza, 饺子. Just like human, we’re different on the outside, but when we are burnt we are all crispy.
17. Enjel enjoyed the event so much.
18. Me, not so much. Should have wear T-shirt and brought dough roller.

Left and Right

“Pa. Papa.”
“Which one is right which one is left?”
“This one is right.”
“So this one is left?”
“No. This one is right also.”
“Nooo. Teacher say one is right one is left.”
“Both are right. This one is hand. This one is foot.”

Evangeline, 3yrs 3⅛mths old, banter kleru ngeyel.