Singlish (part 5)

My friend’s daughter (wong Suroboyo lives in England) came to visit few months back and she spoke totally like Hermione in Harry Potter. Little girl with a built in splendour British accent in her speech. Meanwhile my daughter.

 “Aiyo, dis one ke’nok lah.”

Evangeline, almost 3 years old, Singlish girl.
Mencius’ mother move house three times (孟母三迁), we go out to neighbourhood mall oni must think twice leh. So damn lazy sia.


Singlish (part 3)

“Papa! Just now… Just now mama cut my finger.”
“Horror lah you …”
“OK lah finger nail lah.”
“Eh Hello, speak English. No singlish please. “
“I think you should speak proper English at home.”
“See? See?”

I didn’t realise how annoying I am until I saw my mini version. Now my wife has to deal with two annoying person in our family.